Pheasants head to regions this weekend

Jake Stone took home first place over the weekend at the SD State Middle School wrestling tournament in Pierre. (Photo/submitted)

Shane Merrill | Writer

The Parker wrestling team rounded out the regular season last weekend with a strong showing in Howard. The Pheasants were set to face some of the state’s finest, and came away with wins over Mt Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney and Howard while falling to Canton bringing their season long dual record to 14-5. Parker next heads to Salem on Saturday for the regional tournament with the top four in each class advancing to the state tournament. Start time is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. The middle school Parker wrestling team also had a busy weekend in Pierre, with Jake Stone taking home the championship at 145 pounds.

Parker (PARK) 39.0 Howard (HOWA) 28.0

106: Andrew Even (PARK) over Tate Miller (HOWA) (MD 10-2) 113: Quinlan Olesen (PARK) over   (HOWA) (For.) 120: Logan Buseman (PARK) over Karsten Hamilton (HOWA) (Fall 4:47) 126: Riley Genzlinger (HOWA) over Hudson Eldeen (PARK) (TF 17-0 4:00) 132: Kieffer Klinkhammer (HOWA) over Connor Even (PARK) (TF 16-1 2:00) 138: Lane Miller (HOWA) over Kaleb Buseman (PARK) (Fall 1:24) 145: Mace Plucker (PARK) over   (HOWA) (For.) 152: John Callies (HOWA) over Jack Even (PARK) (Fall 1:49) 160: Ty Beyer (HOWA) over Blake Eldeen (PARK) (Dec 4-0) 170: Zavier Centeno (PARK) over Kaden Hofer (HOWA) (Dec 11-5) 182: Charlie Patten (PARK) over Isaac Feldhaus (HOWA) (Dec 4-2) 195: Tanner Even  (PARK) over Gabriel Turpin (HOWA) (Fall 0:18) 220: Levi Wieman (PARK) over   (HOWA) (For.) 285: William Rentz (HOWA) over Geoff Dunkelberger (PARK) (Dec 8-2) (PARK USC 1.0) (PARK USC -2.0)

Canton vs. Parker @ Holland Invitational on 02/15/2020.

Canton (CANT) 57.0 Parker (PARK) 12.0

106: Andrew Even (PARK) over Misha Tschetter (CANT) (Fall 0:00) 113: Andy Meyer (CANT) over Logan Buseman (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 120: Kale Ask (CANT) over Hudson Eldeen (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 126: Luke Richardson (CANT) over Connor Even (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 132: Braden Sehr (CANT) over   (PARK) (For.) 138: Kellyn March (CANT) over Kaleb Buseman (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 145: Mace Plucker (PARK) over Seth Peterson (CANT) (Dec 5-4) 152: Jaden Dominisse (CANT) over Jack Even (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 160: Kaden Laubach (CANT) over Blake Eldeen (PARK) (Dec 4-0) 170: Shaeden Scheidt (CANT) over Zavier Centeno (PARK) (Fall 0:00) 182: Tanner Meyers (CANT) over Charlie Patten (PARK) (Dec 9-4) 195: Tanner Even  (PARK) over Cullen Rutten (CANT) (Dec 6-4) 220: Elijah Isais (CANT) over Levi Wieman (PARK) (Dec 5-0) 285: Marshall Baldwin (CANT) over Geoff Dunkelberger (PARK) (Fall 0:00)

Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney vs. Parker @ Holland Invitational on 02/15/2020.

Parker (PARK) 39.0 Mt. Vernon/Plankinton/Corsica-Stickney (MVPC) 29.0

106: Hadley Tobin (MVPC) over Andrew Even (PARK) (MD 12-2) 113: Brandon Bosworth (MVPC) over Logan Buseman (PARK) (Fall 5:29) 120: Griffin Tobin (MVPC) over Hudson Eldeen (PARK) (Fall 1:35) 126: Connor Even (PARK) over Austin Hauge (MVPC) (Fall 5:04) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Kaleb Buseman (PARK) over Drew  Gerlach (MVPC) (Dec 6-2) 145: Mace Plucker (PARK) over   (MVPC) (For.) 152: Jack Even (PARK) over   (MVPC) (For.) 160: Blake Eldeen (PARK) over   (MVPC) (For.) 170: Hunter Pranger (MVPC) over Zavier Centeno (PARK) (MD 12-2) 182: Thomas Baker (MVPC) over Charlie Patten (PARK) (Dec 7-0) 195: Tanner Even  (PARK) over Reece Risseeuw (MVPC) (Fall 1:29) 220: Levi Wieman (PARK) over   (MVPC) (For.) 285: Kellen Cassidy (MVPC) over Geoff Dunkelberger (PARK) (Fall 1:03)

SD Middle School State Results

  Aux Gym 152: Jeremiah Friman (Parker) – DNP Champ. Round 1 – Jeremiah Friman (Parker) received a bye Champ. Round 2 – Dreavin Hodge (Brandon Valley) over Jeremiah Friman (Parker) (Fall 0:41) Cons. Round 2 – Jeremiah Friman (Parker) received a bye Cons. Round 3 – Deion Harris (Iroquois/Doland) over Jeremiah Friman (Parker) (Fall 0:28)

 Aux Gym 126: Bennett Berens (Parker) – DNP Champ. Round 1 – Ryker Meister (Aberdeen Central) over Bennett Berens (Parker) (Fall 1:27) Cons. Round 1 – Dylan Murray (Redfield Area) over Bennett Berens (Parker) (Dec 6-0)

 Aux Gym 145: Jake Stone (Parker) – 1st

Champ. Round 1 – Jake Stone (Parker) over Rory  McManus (Lyman) (SV-1 9-7) Champ. Round 2 – Jake Stone (Parker) over Cyrus Maras (West Central) (Fall 0:48) Quarterfinals – Jake Stone (Parker) over Andrew Stricker (Watertown) (TF 15-0 3:26) Semifinals – Jake Stone (Parker) over Jaeden Waltner (Tea Area) (MD 9-1) 1st Place Match – Jake Stone (Parker) over Bain Kuhlman (Wagner) (Fall 3:31)

Main Gym 100: Alek Kuchta (Parker) – DNP Champ. Round 1 – Alek Kuchta (Parker) over Brandon Curtis (Stanley County) (Dec 7-2) Champ. Round 2 – Kash Neugebauer (Parkston) over Alek Kuchta (Parker) (Fall 3:51) Cons. Round 2 – Van Long (Mitchell) over Alek Kuchta (Parker) (Fall 2:02)

 Main Gym 106: Michael Even  (Parker) – DNP Champ. Round 1 – Michael Even  (Parker) over Nollen Sheeley (Milbank) (Fall 2:59) Champ. Round 2 – Dylan Sloan (Yankton) over Michael Even  (Parker) (Dec 10-3) Cons. Round 2 – Michael Even  (Parker) over Reganne Miles (Iroquois/Doland) (Fall 0:48) Cons. Round 3 – Brody Aesoph (Aberdeen Central) over Michael Even  (Parker) (Fall 0:46)

 Main Gym 106: Devin Kuchta (Parker) – DNP Champ. Round 1 – Jacob Williams (Rapid City Stevens) over Devin Kuchta (Parker) (Fall 3:48) Cons. Round 1 – Devin Kuchta (Parker) over Alejandro Martinez (Douglas) (Dec 3-1) Cons. Round 2 – Paxton Bierema (Bon Homme/Scotland/Avon) over Devin Kuchta (Parker) (Dec 3-0)

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