Integrated Technology & Security discuss lockdown options

Dawn Rye | Writer

During last week’s Turner County commissioners meeting, Integrated Technology & Security representative James Straatmeyer explained the equipment that has been installed at the courthouse. He noted desktop buttons were installed in the sheriff’s office to lock and unlock doors.
Straatmeyer said the program could virtually do anything with unlimited capabilities with different access users, different reports and lockdown options.
Commissioner Mick Miller asked if the desktop buttons are on multiple computers and can other offices open the doors or does the sheriff remove the lockdown?
“The system is literally if you can imagine it, we can program it,” commented Straatmeyer.
He noted if buttons are required on computers that have the option to lockdown, it will send notifications and only the sheriff’s office can release the lockdown.
Sheriff Steven Luke said he planned to have the deputies have the capability to lock down the building.
Commissioner Tony Ciampa asked if the commissioner’s key fob numbers would be added to the notification text?
Luke noted he would add the notification to the key fobs.
Straatmeyer explained with the software once there is a name registered, then a notification can be associated with a text or email. He asked when it comes to lockdown; does the sheriff’s office want everyone to receive an alert or only people who came in the door that morning?
Luke said he feels more comfortable with the staff members who need to know being immediately aware of a lockdown. He noted he doesn’t want someone to receive an alert and they run to the courthouse and put themselves in harm’s way.
Straatmeyer commented in most cases with a lockdown most people will see law enforcement around. He said to lessen the confusion, he will set up two types of notifications: one being a broadcast notification with a general lockdown and the second one for the sheriff’s office, which would receive more in-depth detail.
Miller asked Luke in his 12 years in law enforcement, if the lockdown had been available, would it have been used?
Luke noted he could name a half dozen times at most where a lockdown would have been used in a threatening situation.
Chairman Lyle Van Hove asked “The offices that have panic buttons now, do those run the same way?”
Straatmeyer noted those are on a separate system, however, they could tie it in so the panic button would allow for a lockdown. He encourages using a duress button or panic buttons and more information can help when handling a situation on how to respond. If the staff has the time to make the quick call to dispatch he recommends doing that first.
Luke said the panic button is more for immediate danger as a situation progresses.

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