EagleView flight plan proposed to board

During last week’s commissioner’s meeting, Turner County Deputy Assessor Renee Jans, visited with Commissioner Mark Kaufmann about the imagery and the software that they were discussing during the meeting. (Photo/Dawn Rye)

Dawn Rye | Writer

During last week’s Turner County commissioner meeting, EagleView proposed an updated aerial imagery and data analytics plan for the assessor’s office.

John Wenande said the three-year contract was set to expire in spring and this would extend the contract for three more years.

He explained if a customer signs an LTI contract, it opens up additional discounts for a long-term perspective.

Wenande noted with technology improving, the company might remove a layer of resolution because it’s no longer capable of flying. He explained they used to fly one-foot imagery, which is gone and nine-inch representation is out. Wenande said any upgrades are automatic to the contract.

Wenande explained they do five-angel imagery and provide ortho imagery that can rotate a 45-degree angle. He noted in terms of the image resolution, update frequency it would cost $33,423.33 annual payment. Wenande said the upgrade resolution goes from nine-inch imagery to a six-inch rural description.

He noted some companies have them fly during the summertime flys so they can see what was planted. Wenande said from the assessor standpoint he recommends flying in the spring.

Chairman Lyle VanHove asked what other counties have flyovers?

Wenande said Union, Clay, Yankton, Lincoln, Minnehaha and Moody.

He noted the City of Watertown had a reveal 1000, which is sub-inch resolution-making every pixel three-quarters of an inch.

“That is the best of the best,” commented Wenande.

He explained that the most common flyover is a three-six or a three, six, nine-inch resolution.

Commissioner Mark Kaufmann asked how often is there a flyover?

He said once every three years on the contract.

Wenande noted if they are able to group things and fly over Lincoln and Minnehaha County it’s more efficient. 

Commissioner Tony Ciampa asked does this pay for itself?

Dubbelde said yes.

Ciampa questioned what the county has received that back in revenue? 

Dubbelde answered about $1.5 million in assessed values.

Wenande said the assessor office uses about 80 percent of the program. 

VanHove asked if the sheriff’s department uses it?

He explained the sheriff’s office does use the program; however, the 911 dispatch data is not available. He noted since Turner County calls dispatch to Lincoln County, they have a copy of the image that helps 911 calls. 

Wenande commented that his job requires him to help counties to start using the imagery program.

Commissioner Mick Miller asked could the cities get involved?

Wenande said there a lot of interlocal agreements that are placed. He explained sometimes they might look at a graph to determine when they flyover. 

Miller questioned what would be the benefit for the cities to help pay for this equipment?

Wenande noted the benefit would be the updated imagery. 

Commissioner Jared Hybertson asked what the most successful model to sell it to a community?

Wenande explained he believes the most common model is upfront based on per square miles.

He noted the city’s average cost would pay $360.00 a square mile with the three-inch property imagery. 

The board agreed to sign the contract at the next meeting.

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