Through the eyes of a mom

Dawn Rye | Writer

Most moms are an advocate, a protector and teacher to her children. On the surface, it may seem like moms only fold laundry, help with homework, shuttle kids to school and activities, pack lunches and cook. 

But do moms ever stop to realize how blessed their families are to have them in their lives?

Jodie Hockett-Davis enjoys decorating, refurbishing furniture and spending quality time with a group of friends involving her sister. Still, the most essential part of her life is her husband Jeremy and kids Harley, Emmie, Hickory and Huck. 

Davis grew up in White River, where her father was a preacher and she found her confidence playing sports in a small town. While attending college, Davis was in a relationship with her high school sweetheart. One night she participated in a college group called Heart Beat and that is where she saw Jeremy, “this tall guy with ripped jeans and construction boots,” she said. After the group session, they all sat down for a spaghetti supper and this was the first time she and Jeremy spoke and exchanged numbers. At the end of the second semester in December, the duo lost contact for about six months. The duo met again at church and began to catch up. After a road trip to Kansas City to Worlds of Fun to relax after semester tests, she broke up with her high school sweetheart.

The rest, is history.

She believes with Jeremy, it wasn’t just a physical attraction, but she was spiritually drawn to him and knew he was “her person.” She noted that Jeremy has such calm about him and with her free spirit, it was a good balance. Within six months, the couple was engaged and married six months later. 

She explained that they have been blessed with four children. Harley, 15, is just like Jeremy she said. He is patient, compassionate, laid back and easy going and he taught Davis how selfish she was before becoming a mom. After Harley was born, she experienced severe postpartum depression because the duo lived in the country and Jeremy was working a lot. She had no idea how to take of a newborn baby. 

Once Emmie was born, she was used to stepping back and knowing her time wasn’t about her. It was about enjoying these little people that God entrusted with her and to be the best mom she could be. Emmie, 13, is a mix of Jeremy and herself with this very simplistic outlook on life and loves to be outside taking care of animals. 

Based on her experiences with her first two children Davis decided to put her writing skills to work. 

On Nov. 20, 2012, Davis published her first book “Elva Jean prays for her green beans” and has a second book is currently under contract. Her book is based on what her kids have done and Elva Jean is her grandmother. 

Hickory, seven-years-old, wants his mom to be happy and melts his momma’s heart by being sweet with his kindness. 

Huck, five, is the youngest of the siblings. He keeps Davis on her toes and she believes joining kindergarten in the fall will be good for him.

“I’m very honest with my kids. You are going to come up with hard choices in your life,” said Davis. 

She explained it’s very important that her children make decisions based on God’s design for them. 

Her goal for her children is to instill a confidence in them and if her children are confident, they will be able to say “no” when everyone else says “yes.” She wants to them to be happy and wants them to do something that they love to achieve success in their lives. 

The best advice Davis can give to other moms is to pray a lot, openly communication with your children and have lots of grace because they are constantly learning. 

Davis said it’s really hard on her to miss out on different activities when it comes to her children.

The greatest part of her day is being able to visit with her children and Jeremy to continue that strong family bond she cherishes the most. 

“We have been together almost 20 years. All eyes are on him,” stated Davis with a smile. 

After 20 years of marriage, their love is the same as that young fresh “butterfly feeling” and over the years has blossomed into a very mature love.

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