Turner County 4-H recognition event

The 2019 Turner County 4-H Year officially wrapped up on Sunday, Nov. 3 with the annual Turner County 4-H Recognition Event. Awards were given out for conservation projects, top record books, Friends of 4-H and many others.

Turner County has thirteen members graduating from 4-H in 2019.  Some have been in for twelve years.  Those being recognized were Blake Olson, Brittney Nelsen, Colton Roth, Dawsyn Moroz Baldwin, Denver Nordmann, Emily Randall, Gage Weller, Jemima Sletten, Kaleb Lunstra, Leah Flyger, Rebecka Hoffman, Taylor McMartin and Travis Leber. We will miss their leadership that they have given to the 4-H program.

All Around Horse awards were given to a beginner, junior and senior 4-H member based on points accumulated at the Turner County 4-H Horse show and completing a 4-H record book. The beginner award went to Izabella Kaster and receiving the junior award was Megan Rollag. Rylee Yoshino received the senior award.

 Charlie Groen of the Turner County NRCS Office presented checks to several 4-H’ers for exhibiting in the conservation project area at the Turner County Fair. Receiving awards were Braelyn Berens, Carter Berens, Dylann Dykstra, Emma Dykstra, Connor Even, Shayla Even, Callie Hammerstrom, Ava Marts, Cierra Mohr, Mara Mohr, Taylin Mohr, Blake Olson, Brady Scott, Cayden Scott, Bailey Coleman, Kaden Fosheim, Kyla Fosheim, Madison Hofer, Alison Loewe, Kathryn Loewe, Madeline Loewe, Taylor McMartin, Skyler Plucker, Sutton Plucker, Braylon Plucker and Ashley Tieszen.

Dawn Leber presented the awards for Herdsmanship from the county fair. Winning the overall club in herdsmanship in 2019 was the Livewires 4-H club. 

 Nine Turner County 4-H leaders were recognized for their years of leadership to their 4-H clubs. Recognized for being leaders for five years were Kurt and Mary Lunstra of the Clover Kids 4-H Club,  Anne and David Pankratz of the Northlanders and Kristen and Dustin Harriman of The Originals 4-H Club.  Dawn Leber has been a leader of the Livewires 4-H club for 10 years and Kristi Rops has been a leader of the Country Clovers for 12 years. Cal Graber of the Golden Rule/Rosefield Feeders 4-H club was honored for 40 years of leadership.  

 Alisha McMartin of the Nordic 4-H club did a presentation on her trip to Washington, D.C for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip. She enjoyed seeing so many historic sites around the D.C. area, learning more about how government works, including a trip to Capitol Hill and meeting 4-H’ers from around the country. Did you know not every state says the 4-H pledge the same way?

The Turner County 4-H leaders honored eight businesses and individuals for their support of the 

4-H program.  From financial support or being livestock superintendents, helping with lighting projects to managing the 4-H lunch stand, these people were awarded the Friend of 4-H Award. They were Ralph’s Feed, Nathan and Daisy Johnson, Rural Manufacturing, Jeff Slack, Tony Lee-AT Analytical, SS Graphics, Carmen Grace and Rayna Roth. 

Several Clover Buds were present to receive a certificate for the beginning of their time in 4-H. Clover Buds are six or seven years old and at least in the first grade.  Recognized were Bailee Schaeffer, Emily Ludens, Evelyn Mark, Madilyn Nelsen, Maci Petty, Tatum Wright, Zaia Nelsen, Brodie Hammerstrom, Brysen Baloun, Caleb Christiansen, Finley Jones, Hudson Lessman, Jocelyn Wood, Remington Weier, Reece Christian, Sam Schroder, Tyler Hutcheson and Eli Remacle.   We look forward to seeing what these 4-H’ers dreams are in their 4-H career.

Amy Tiezen, a leader of the Growing Ideas 4-H club received the 4-H Meritorious Award.  Tiezen club focuses on robotics and Amy has challenged her 4-H members and herself to learn about programing and how to make things that didn’t turn out so well into positive learning.  She also helps with shooting sports.  

Market sheep rate-of-gain awards were given out to three 4-H members whose sheep gained the most from weigh-ins in May to the county fair weigh-ins. First place went to Carter Berens, second place to Aspen Rand and third place to Riley Pankratz.

State 4-H Horse Show participants Megan Rollag, Benson Jones, Kayla McAreavey, Grace Kock, Jemima Sletten and Rylee Yoshino were recognized for their achievements at the show this year.   Several Turner County 4-H members attended the State Shooting Sports spring shoot in Pierre earlier this year. Those recognized for individual or team awards were:  Alyssa Pierson, Skyler Plucker, Katelyn Tieszen, Sutton Plucker, Braylon Plucker, Landon Tieszen, Reece Gerlach, Gavin Gerlach, Zia Pierson, Taylor McMartin, Alisha McMartin and Kayleigh Thill. Thirty-three Turner County 4-H members attended the State Shoot. 

 Several 4-H’ers were given plaques and rosettes for their achievements at the 2019 South Dakota State Fair. Kahli Gall received a plaque for placing first in the senior Consumer Decision Making contest. As a team, Kahli, Taylor McMartin, Alisha McMartin and Hannah Remacle placed second. In Horticulture, Ashley and Landon Tieszen placed second and fifth individuals in the junior horticulture skill-a-thon. The team of Ashley, Landon, Cayden and Brady Scott placed first in the junior division.  

Skyler Plucker received an American Standard of Perfection book for placing first in the junior poultry-judging contest. Braelyn Berens placed fifth in the beginner age division.

In the State 4-H Dairy Judging contest, several individuals had success along with their teammates. In the beginner division, Neil Haase was fourth place individual and together with teammates Braylon Plucker, Layne Latterell and Sutton Plucker placed second as a team.  In the junior division, Natalie Haase was first individual, with Paige Haase placing second and Vanessa Dunkelberger placing fifth.  Together with teammate Skyler Plucker, they placed first in the junior contest.  It will be fun to see all of these 4-H members grow, learn and judge together.

The beginner and junior teams both did very well at the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held in September. The beginner team of Clayton Pankratz, Peyten Wright, Braelyn Berens and Carter Berens placed first at the statewide contest.  Clayton was first beginner individual and Peyten was seventh place beginner. In the junior division, the team placed second. Members include Riley Pankratz, Carter Ross, Max Nordlund and Cullen Wright.  Riley was fifth individual and Cullen ninth in the junior division.

In the rabbit skill-a-thon at the State Fair, Katelyn Tiezen placed first in the beginner age group, with Ashley Tieszen placing fourth. Senior 4-H member Alisha McMartin placed first. 

Several 4-H members were given checks for their top entries at the 2019 South Dakota State Fair. Youth excelled in Special Foods, showmanship and champion animals.  Receiving checks from the South Dakota Pork Producers Council were Keagen Kettwig, Madison Hofer, Braelyn Baloun, Carter Ross, Jovie Wirt and Trevor Johnson.  Midwest Dairy Association sponsored checks for Hannah Hoffman, Rebecka Hoffman and Skyler Plucker.  The South Dakota Department of Agriculture sponsored checks to Jackson Nordlund, Cayden Scott, Haley Leisinger, Carter Berens, Riley Gall, Taylor McMartin, Bailey Weegar, Emerson Wirt and Parker Lessman.

 Maddie Boyd of the Dakota Kids 4-H club was second in the senior girls pole bending event at the State 4-H Rodeo held in Pierre.  There were eighty-four girls entered in this event.

Top judges were announced in five project areas. Receiving awards were Grace Kock in Horse, Kahli Gall for Consumer Decision Making, Katelyn Tieszen for Horticulture, Paige Haase for dairy and Riley Pankratz for livestock. 

Deanna Gall, Turner County 4-H Youth Advisor, was given the Steve Hanten Memorial Award.  Deanna has been working with the Turner County 4-H program since 2011.  Deanna wants every 4-H member to have fun, learn and grow in 4-H.  Even if they don’t get a purple, she wants her 4-H members to feel proud and happy about what they have accomplished.  

The Mavis Overgaard All Around 4-H Member is based on youth-in-action activities at both county and state levels, community service, exhibits and completing a record book. Kara Roshone of the Team Legacy 4-H won the award. Mavis was a longtime leader in the Turner County 4-H program.

Several members met all of the qualifications to receive a 4-H project pin. This includes being in the project area for three years, doing two club talks or one county talk in the project area and judging if available. Receiving pins were Bailey Weegar, Visual Arts; Ethan Rops, STEM and Wood Science; Braelyn Berens, Home Environment and Community Service; Titus Roesler, Health; Skyler Plucker, Poultry; Ashton Ross, Poultry; Carter Ross, Photography; Ellianna Thill, Visual Arts; Kayleigh Thill, Clothing and Energy; Kara Roshone, Clothing.

Record book completion awards went to Clover Kids: Emma Nelsen, Gavin Nelsen, Bailey Weegar, Brittany Weegar, Cullen Wright and Peyten Wright.  Country Clovers: Davin Cwach, Madelyn Feiock, Rachael Feiock, Ava Marts, Ethan Marts and Ethan Rops.  County Line Fliers: Kaden Fosheim, Kyla Fosheim, Adam Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Lauren Prchal, Gracey Stephens, Jersey Stephens and Jaeden Wethington.  Dairy Doers:  Braelyn Berens and Carter Berens.  Dakota Kids:  Laila Noonan, Rowen Noonan, Dilynn Severson, Drake Severson, Jazlyn Seroki.  Dakota Wranglers: Addyson Bisschop, Elsa Bisschop, Kian Bisschop, Maxwell Bisschop, Grace Dressen, Braylon Hostetler, Grace Kock, Ava Nelson, Logan Nelson, Abbie Wildeboer, Effie Wildeboer, Jack Wildeboer, Katelyn Wildeboer and Rylee Yoshino.  Golden Rule/Rosefield Feeders: Madison Hofer, Genna Kraemer, Zoey Petersen, Titus Roesler, Kristen Wieman.  Growing Ideas: AnnaBelle Bond, Joseph Bond, Katelyn Bond, Rebecca Bond, Alyssa Pierson, Jillian Pierson, Zia Pierson, Ashley Tieszen, Katelyn Tieszen, Landon Tieszen.  Livewires: Geoff Dunkelberger, Vanessa Dunkelberger, Jenna Even, Isabella Kastner, Jersey Lessman, Parker Lessman, Saige Lessman, Braydan Mangel, Sami Nordmann, Braylon Plucker, Skyler Plucker, Sutton Plucker, Aspen Rand, Wyatt Rand.  Long Creek Legends:  Braelyn Baloun, Callie Hammerstrom, Chloe Kruger, Allison Loewe, Kathryn Loewe, Madeline Loewe, Ashton Ross, Carter Ross, Kayleigh Thill and Ellianna Thill.  Northlanders:  Riley Gall.  Nordic:  Alisha McMartin, Taylor McMartin and Rheanna Petersen.  Team Legacy: Kara Roshone, Brady Scott and Cayden Scott.  The Originals:  Colton Davis, Kahli Gall, Kylie Harriman, Taylor Harriman, Rebecka Hoffman, Benson Jones, Kayla McAreavey, Cameron Rollag, Megan Rollag, Katie Simmermon and Torrie Zachariason.  

Top Record Book awards are always one of the most sought after awards that are given out at the 4-H Recognition Event. The top record book in the beginner division was Braelyn Berens, followed by Braelyn Baloun and Sutton Plucker. Ashley Tieszen’s book was the first place book in the junior division, with Kathryn Loewe and Bailey Weegar receiving second and third. In the senior division, Kara Roshone was first, Madeline Loewe second and Ashton Ross placed third. The last award of the afternoon that was presented were the 4-H Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 4-H year.  Kayleigh Thill and Titus Roesler, the past year’s ambassadors, announced Kahli Gall and Madison Hofer as the new ambassadors.  They will help to promote Turner County 4-H at different events throughout the year.    -Submitted article

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